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Basketball, Gymnastics, Ballet and Zumba Classes

We have a  variety of classes.

Adult Classes

Browse to our adult classes and find the class that fits your needs.

Interested in the latest national craze? A low stress workout?
PICKLEBALL arrives at Sokol!!!


Sunday Gymnastics Special Event

Kids Classes

Next Session TBD

5-9 Years Olds 12:30-2:00 PM

Class 150

10-14 Year olds 2:00-3:30

Class 151


CLASS REGISTRATION is only online through Sokol Portal Link.  Please email


Spring Session    2023

Please email Sokol for link to register.

Email Sokol for more information

Spring Session: Children 5-12 and Adult Classes April 15th - June 31, 2023
Sokol New York Closing and Event Calendar is available at our Calendar page.
Children must meet the stated age criteria for the class by April 1, 2023.

Rent at Sokol
for your next event

We have a variety of rental options for individuals, organizations, film and TV productions.

The space has a gym, library, two dance studios, a kitchen, martial arts room and a tots gym. These spaces can accommodate 20 to over 500 individuals. Gymnastic equipment, both current and vintage, are available for photo shoot props only.

For rental details please contact Pat at:

Sokol NY rentals space
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